Friday, 21 April 2017


  A man once passed through a forest in Africa,walking at his leisure smelling the flowers and admiring the beauty of the place and wondering at the way the sun rays fingered their way through the dense branches.
Then suddenly he heard the sound of fast approaching danger that was loud and frightening.
When he turned, it was to face a large lion charging at him. The lion's thin waist made evident his hunger. With the lion chasing him, the man's heart nearly leaped out at the sight of it all, and so he started to run.

The lion was about to catch up with him when the man came upfront with a well. Then with a mighty leap he jumped into the well and ended up dangling in the heart of the well hanging onto a rope.
The lion's voice eventually quieted; but then soon heard the hissing of a snake that had a giant head and a long body which came from somewhere below him.
Just as the man was thinking of how what to do about the lion and the snake, a black mouse and a white one climbed up to where the rope was attached and started to nibble away at the rope.

The man was petrified and so started to shake the rope hoping to get rid of the mice. As he did so the rope began to swing and knocking him against the walls. The man started to feel something wet and sticky come into contact with the sides as he banged against the walls. The man licked the substance only to find that it was honey; the type made by bees in the forests and mountains. The honey thought was so sweet and delicious that he continued to do so and forgot the situation he was in.

The man woke up???!! For it  was all just a horrible dream!!!

So the man decided he should get his dream translated. He went to meet a religious scholar (one knowledgeable in the translation of dreams). He told the scholar of his dream.

The scholar laughed and said: "Don't you know its interpretation?

The man said he didn't.

The scholar replied" The lion that was chasing you was the angle of death and the well with the snake in it is your grave and the two mice are the nights and the days that are depleting form you life"
The man asked, "And how about the honey?"
The scholar replied: "That is the sweet taste of life that is distracting you and made you forget that death and day of judgment are just behind you"

Is there anyone who will reflect before it is too late ???

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