Thursday, 18 June 2015


Children of RALK began their first day of Ramadhan with Quranic recitation and translation

Ouch! My heart is in distress when Ramadhan appears
It is as if something is not right
I feel stressful always with its presence
In case I do not greet its arrival as well as I should
For me, the presence of Ramadhan is liken to the presence of a highly revered guest
Presence of someone revered and dignified
The arrival of someone renowned and respected
Someone who is loved and idolized
An idolized figure for one and shared by all
Ouch! How should I welcome someone like this?!
Nothing seems right
Ouch! It is worrying, which way and how should I dignify him?!
Nothing seems right
Ouch, it is worrying, which way and how should I dignify him
Befitting his greatness
Proportionately matched with his dignity and prominence
The reason for me being anxious always with his appearance
Whether I am being impolite with him
I am afraid of damaging his honour
He is a prominent man
Whom we should greet accordingly with his prominence
If he does not appear, it may be better
than for him to appear
But it has been destined by God
that he visits us once a year
Let’s greet him with deep feelings of anxiety and concern

Thursday, 11 June 2015


Humans are forgetful beings
they forget their God
who created them from naught to being
who bless upon them with diverse pleasures

They forget their sins
yet, they are being chased by their sins
which will throw them into hell

They forget their parents
who raised them during their early years
sending them to school to gain knowledge
nursing their health, for them to be fit and healthy

Reaching adulthood, with knowledge gained
they become useful assets
yet, they forget their devoted and helpful teachers
who provide them vast education which in turn become their wealth
Paying cordial visits to their former teachers is unheard of
they seem to have forgotten their teachers entirely

They forget their helpful friends
who were supportive during their difficult times

They forget their roots, they forget who they actually are
They are dazzled by fame, comfort and wealth

When they are reminded of their hometown
the place where they grew up
they feel uneasy
they are embarrassed to return to their hometown

In fact, there are many things which they have forgotten
Yet, those things mentioned are part of their life history
By right, human beings should have this attitude:
As a Malay saying goes...
"We can memorialize the exact spot we fell down,
we should remember more of the places where we had fun and joy."


Image result for image bismillah

When will you feel that God exists
Based on knowledge, you do believe
But your soul does not feel the existence of the Only God
Fear of Him is not within you

And yet God has reminded us
Be fearful of Him wherever you are
If God consciousness is not within you
Surely Fear of God is not in your heart either

O dear soul when will it be
For you to feel that God is Great
When will you feel His Supremacy
Remembering Him, loving Him
His greatness is so obvious
Why don't you feel it
Why aren't you terrified

His blessings occur at every single moment
Don't you see it ? so that you learn to be grateful
O dear soul, when will you get to see through it?
O when will it be, time is not waiting for us

Time will go on
Come on, hurry up and purify your soul
If you die while your soul is unaware
Your soul won't be accepted by Allah
O dear serene soul
Do return to your God
With a joyful heart and pleasing in His sight.
Thus, join the group of My servants
And do enter My paradise
When you are not called by God
There is no place in Paradise for you
Hell awaits you

Nauzubillah min zalik

Thursday, 4 June 2015


Rasulullah's education is one and only
With high ambition and determination
La syarqiah wala gharbiah
Neither east nor west

It is an Islamic cord
Insya Allah with Prophet's sunnah
The male and female interactions
are strictly controlled

It is not for a salaried profession
It is not to be given
But to be self supporting
To become an ardent worshiper
worshiper of Allah

To become a slave is out of the question
To be a spoke person of their own congregation
Once they are separated from their madrasah
To spread the wings of the congregation

So they can fly all over the country
To extend the words of the Prophet
To aggrandize the words of Allah
So they become people of taqwa

To train the students like their own children
Teachers and leaders are like fathers
There is love and care for one another
To develop an Islamic congregation
In which everyone has their own roles
Based on their characters and talent