Friday, 3 April 2015



O Allah, please do not abandon me
Even though I have often been disobedient towards You
I can’t live without You
If You leave me, I will lose everything
If I am with You, I will have everything
I am reluctant to lose You
Let me lose everything else but not to the extent of losing You
If I don’t lose You, I do still have a chance of recovering everything that I have lost
Please help me O Allah, Your humble and weak servant who has often been disobedient towards You
Please save me O Allah
Under Your salvation
Please protect me
Under Your care
Who else is there to take care of me
If not You, who is responsible for everything
I do often worry, that You will abandon me
I am very hopeful O Allah
Please do not leave me
My whole life will crumble
That is my faith in You O Allah
Please do not abandon me
Abu Wadud
After Asar