Friday, 10 June 2016


Rasulullah pbuh has said
Many people who fast
There is no reward for them
Except for hunger and thirst

This reminder must be kept
So that our fast
Will not be impaired and become useless
Even though all the terms and conditions are met

Then, Rasulullah further said
Telling us
To perform plenty of worship in Ramadhan
The rewards are special indeed

It is the month where sins are forgiven
Also the month where invocations are granted
Compiled are good deeds within her
Paradise awaits longingly for those who glorify Ramadhan

For the people who appreciate
The blessed month of Ramadhan
Its arrival is welcomed wholeheartedly
Its departure is‎ mourned deeply

These are the traditions of the Pious  people ( Solehin)
Whom we should emulate
Their fasting are effective within their souls
Building up their honorable character

Tuesday, 7 June 2016



O Allah

I am created from earth..
A low down soil, trampled upon by all,
hurled upon with all sorts of despicable filth, dirt and garbage.
People step on it and do various things on it.
The earth is aware of its stigma
and yet it is able to accept its condemnation no matter what.
One can do whatever with it, it will gladly accept without any objections.
The earth can accept whatever is done unto it.
Step on the soil, it is all right.
Throw whatever on the soil, it does not matter.

"Do whatever to me, I will accept with pleasure"
The way the earth will respond if it can voice its feelings in words.

Pour water on the soil, it will dissipate all of it into its body.
Water symbolizes Blessings and Grace,
the soil gladly accepts without any question.
The excess water is extremely useful for other things.
It can be used as drinking water for God's creations
as well as for cleansing purposes.

Being pleased with whatever, the soil flourished well with all the water and garbage thrown upon it
Being fertile, farmers grow vegetables on the soil
beneficial to many beings
Farmers graze animals on the soil which in turn become an agricultural produce for the nation
People develop many things on it, people build homes on it,
the earth simply accepts

Because of its humbleness, many beings and mortals profit from it
The earth is a blessing to all God's creations

O Allah

Thus, the existence of earth, its character which is eternally humble.
It will accept whatever is given or done upon it.
the end result, it has abundant benefits for many creatures and human beings

O Allah

You create me from earth, I am a low life
as my existence originates from a low life soil
Please retain my character and attributes like the earth.

Let me be humble just like the earth.
If people wish to gossip and humiliate me
let me be someone who is able to accept
I am pleased with all the humiliations
as I am naturally a low life, befitting my existence

O Allah

Please make me a person who is able to serve other human beings
Befitting my origin from earth
which abundantly serves human beings, Your creations.
Please make me a person who is able to serve other human beings.
With my knowledge, my thoughts, my energy, my wealth, my forgiveness, my love and affection, my smile, my hospitality, my tolerance...

O Allah

Please retain within me the character and attributes of earth till the end of my life
From earth I come, to be like earth I shall eternally remain,
to earth I shall return,
please accept me as You pleased.