Tuesday, 22 November 2016


Allah says ” And O Believers turn towards God in repentance, so that you may attain bliss”.
( Surah Al Nur 24:31)

Rasulullah PBUH said, ” The one who repents from sin is like one without sin, and if God loves a servant, sin does not adhere to him”.
Then he recited, ” Verily God loves those who turn unto Him ( in repentance ) and He loves those who purify themselves”. ( Surah Al Baqarah 2:222)
It was asked, ” O Messenger of Allah, what is the sign of repentance?”
He replied, ” Remorse”.
The Messenger PBUH is reported to have said, ” There is nothing more loved by Allah than the youth who repents.”

Repentance is to return from what is blameworthy in the law of Islam to what is praiseworthy in it.
The Prophet SAW said, ” Remorse is an act of repentance.”

There are three conditions of repentance which must be present in order that it be sound:
1. Remorse for the violations that have been committed
2. Immediate abandonment of the lapse
3. Firm resolve not to return to similar acts of disobedience.”

When a man abandons major sins,
Loosens from his heart the bond of persistence,
And firmly intends not to return to sin,
at that moment true remorse comes to his heart.
He regrets what he has done
and reproaches himself for the repugnant acts he has committed.
Then his repentance is complete
His striving is true and his exchanges the comradeship of the evil companions he previously kept for isolation and for detestation to them.
He works day and night in sorrow
and he embraces sincerity of regret in all his states
Erasing by the flood of his tears the traces of his stumbling
and treats the wounds of his sins with the goodness of his repentance

….. DU’A………..

O Allah, please take me while I am in repentance
or take me while I’m doing honorable deeds
or take me while I’m in fear of You
or take me while I’m longing for You
Please take me while You are pleased with me
Do not take me while I’m in Your wrath
O Lord, I’m Your servant
who is in need of guidance
Please guide me to the right path
O Lord, while the other people are seeking for the world
Let the world seeks for me instead
I will subject it to preconditions
If it is willing, I will accept
If it refuses, I will simply dismiss it