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LOVE AND CARE is an obligation
LOVE AND CARE is a protection
It brings people close together and it strengthens relationship
Removing any differences
LOVE AND CARE is a charity, inviting God's pleasure

Majlis Amal Berbuka Puasa Summit Hotel Subang USJ & Peninsula Residence All Suite Hotel 3rd Aug 2011

Eighty-five children ranging age from 6 months to 17 years old from Rumah Amal Limpahan Kasih, a home for the less privileged based in Puchong were invited to Summit Hotel Subang USJ on 3rd August 2011 for a breaking fast dinner treat at Oceania Buffet Restaurant. This event is hosted by Summit Hotel Subang USJ & Peninsula Residence All Suite Hotel for the less fortunate on this holy month. The children were entertained by Ghazal performance from Kumpulan Budaya Suara Klasik "Samsudin Lamin" having special appearance throughout fasting month at Oceania Buffet Restaurant. The children responded by giving a special performance and dedicated songs as a token of appreciation to the hotel management. They were welcomed and attended by Summit Hotels & Resorts Group General Manager, Mr. Lam Hin Choon, Group Director of Operation Mr. Muhaiyuddin, Peninsula Residence All Suite Hotel Residence Manager Mr. Anthony Wee, heads of departments and staff. The hotels presented the children with 'Duit Raya' and sundry goods and some cash for the home in addition to the scrumptious dinner.
Summit Hotel Subang USJ - titleSamsudin Lamin entertained the children with selections of Ghazal songs.
Summit Hotel Subang USJ - titleChildren help themselves with the foods prepared by the hotel.
Summit Hotel Subang USJ - titleChildren from Rumah Amal Limpahan Kasih dedicated special performance to the hotel's managements & staffs.
Summit Hotel Subang USJ - titleMr. Lam Hin Choon, En. Muhayuddin & Mr. Anthony Wee handed out 'Duit Raya' to the children.
Summit Hotel Subang USJ - titleChildren from Rumah Amal Limpahan Kasih with staff's & management's of Summit Hotel Subang USJ & Peninsula Residence All Suite Hotel.


This paper is dedicated to the friends and colleagues who wish to know more about the current education in GISB / YKPPM. Whether it is different or otherwise. As we have been informed, at present we are in the mainstream, accepting the Fatwa ( religious edicts ) against our mistakes in the past . Therefore, there may be those among us who have not understood the concept of education being currently implemented in GISB .

GISB / YKPPM led by Dato Ratu Ibu Hatijah Aam has taken the stand to comply with the edicts. Everything related to what has been previously forbidden, we agree to accept wholeheartedly. Now is the time for us to accept the programs organized by JAKIM and the Religious Department in all states. No more excuses.

In the field of education, all schools under GISB / YKPPM will follow the Curriculum set by JAIS ( and by state religious departments ) and the Ministry of Education's Curriculum. What is important is the development of the students' personality. Meaning, even though the curriculum has a conceptual framework and implementation activities for teaching and learning, it can still accept additional activities to help improve the character building of students .

It is something flexible and have long been realized in many schools. Each principal is responsible to modify the existing curriculum framework to ensure that the intention embodied in the National Education Philosophy can be achieved. The purpose of education is to ensure that students have the opportunity to master knowledge and skills in line with the process of developing the mind, soul and physical towards being a good
quality individual. From a religious perspective, learning actually covers a wider scope and more focused for the future ahead which is the afterlife !

(Please refer to the National Education Philosophy as follows :
Education in Malaysia is an ongoing effort towards further developing the potential of individuals in a holistic and integrated approach to create balanced and harmonious individuals on the aspects of their intellectual, spiritual , emotional and physical based on the belief and devotion to God. This effort is to produce Malaysian citizens who are knowledgeable, responsible and capable of achieving their own well-being and contribute to the betterment of the society and country ) .

Clearly, the National Education Philosophy has a comprehensive concept.
It depends on the extent of the usage of the available creativity by the implementation team to realize the concept. Hence, we in GISB / YKPPM emphasize on the result of the implementation of this philosophy to produce students who are indeed of good quality .

Our approach is the development of the spirit or soul of all the people involved in education. The existing curriculum is just as a basic platform. For the journey and implementation, we can use a variety of techniques and approach . Perhaps it is a bit different but the objective remains, that is to ensure the best educational outcomes .

Today many people are trying to realize the intention contained in the said philosophy but the results are disappointing. We have been informed about all these and there is no need to state the facts and examples. From this point, all have acknowledged that there are many things that need to be addressed in the education system in our country . Perhaps the implementation process should be done seriously and try to meet that targets.

For example, we in GISB / YKPPM, all staff members who are involved in education are the targeted subjects in the educational programs conducted . All individuals starting from the leader, the headmaster, the neighbourhood members, the parents, the teachers and the students are all subjected to the system. There are no exceptions. In fact this is the approach used by the Prophet. Every member of the society must go through the lifelong learning process. Education begins from the cradle and right to the grave, isn't it?

So we took the National Education Philosophy in an integrated and comprehensive manner. Education is a spiritual counseling . Lessons are merely mental or ' aqliah in nature. The purpose of naming it as ' Ministry of Education ' is to emphasize the process of learning and education. A mere learning is meaningless without being educated . This is the meaning of education. So to educate is the essence of the primary process .

In education, we should not just pay attention to the students as the proverb says " If teachers are doing their pee while standing, the students will pee while running." Because the teachers' personality must also be given attention. They act as role models to students.

All of us recognize the importance of teachers being an example and role model but with the current system, the teachers may not have their own comprehensive education. Even if that could be carried out, it is only to provide specific courses to enhance their professionalism as an educator.

This is one of the factors for the sprouting growth of tahfiz schools, religious schools and private schools that allow them to choose their own teachers who will teach in their schools. At least, they are allowed to handpick teachers that they need and want. The result is to have the affect of the teachings and the education on the students .

In general, the good quality teachers - in the aspects of his religion, it can be seen in his prayer. If a teacher is particular about performing his prayers at the beginning or early part of the prayer time, at least this teacher has made the list of the teachers sought after. But in the current system, there is no such guideline in assessing teachers' personality. Other angles has not been seen yet. Does the teacher have ill or sinful traits, abandoning the five prayers, committing big sin, being arrogant, telling lies, likes gossiping, bad-mouthing and so on? Good teachers will produce good students. That is the equation. Imagine if there are more teachers who are not good !

Similarly, the process of educating students, it requires the presence of a favorable and sound environment . All individuals who are involved in the educational activities must be in the qualified category to be a good personal example . It is not just being a teacher alone. So, anyone who is involved in education must be supported in building the best personal character. It will be complementary if all individuals are striving towards building an educational environment that is conducive and effective .

Every human especially those who are mukallaf, they are dependent on programs to help them build a safety net for both worlds. Each person must be prepared to be sent to Hereafter in the situation that he is ready to be awarded death of Husnul khatimah ( Good ending ). This is the responsibility of all leaders wherever they are. For adults, this education is needed, let alone for the children. Even if these educated children were to die at a young age, they are expected to be dwellers of Paradise in the Hereafter . This is the goal of education

So, even though we already have the National Education Philosophy, the process for student character building depends on the people who carry out the implementation. As mentioned above, to obtain the maximum educational outcome for students, then all segments of the society must be involved. They themselves must be processed to be servants of Allah, who are ready to face death. Is not death the best educators to transform human ?

Besides having the task as a leader, the individuals involved would have a more important task in correcting and improving themselves. This is certainly the duty of every person. Every mukallaf must prepare himself to meet the Lord, isn't that so? Death is a certainty. It is unfortunate if we neglect to remember this. Educating people to remember death is the essence of education .

This is our aim in GISB / YKPPM in the realization of education for our children. We register all of our schools under the state religious department so that our children are able to attend religious teachings, tahfiz program and being academically integrated .

For their counseling and character building, we place them in dormitories. They attend schooling and live in the dorms at the same place or somewhere nearby. So, there is no issue arising about them being exposed to unhealthy or destructive influences outside. In fact they are being controlled and exposed to a variety of life skills activities induced by the hostel and school environment .

They are allowed to rear animals, do gardening and carpentry. They can also learn the skills in electrical, electronic equipment repairs, phone repairs, computers and so on . For the adventurous and the strong ones, they can learn about building construction and renovations, automotive repairs and even make a building !

Training students with various kinds of life skills will make the students individuals who are practical and active. They can choose any area of their interest and liking. They do not want to be the kids who are 'spoon fed' or like 'a chicken being reared for their meat' whose activities are mere playing computer games !

Saturday, 15 February 2014


Photos of children from RALK who had the opportunity to experience a ride on the Bell 429 Helicopter PLUS during the Cheers For Charity programme organized by PLUS Helicopter Services.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014


Prophet' Birthday Celebration at Rumah Amal Limpahan Kasih (RALK), Puchong.

On Sunday, 19th Jan 2014 a celebration to commemorate the birthday of our beloved Prophet SAW took place at RALK, Puchong. About 2000 guests were invited, the ceremony began at 8 am in the morning with a short parade while reciting the salawat, within the area of Kampung Seri Aman, Puchong.

The programme was organized for the entire day and night. About 130 students from Sekolah Menengah Islam Global Ikhwan (SMIGI) did a number of performances on stage in the morning. They came forward with various ways of dignifying the beloved Prophet SAW, with nasyeed, narration, hadith reading, short sketches, sufi dance and many more. Every student was asked to have his own image on stage. This is most important so that they can feel the greatness and glory of the attributes of the beloved Messenger SAW.

A talk programme entitled Majlis Bual Bicara Maulid Rasul SAW was for the evening segment, it was filled by Dato' Dr Robiah K Hamzah - a well known motivational speaker. Another speaker was Ustazah Nurul Hidayah - she was one of the participants  at the programme Ustazah Pilihan (Astro Oasis) which she won second place. She is currently working as Zakat Executive at Lembaga Zakat Wilayah Persekutuan. While the moderator was Imam Muda Amar who has been a regular volunteer at RALK, helping out in many of RALK's activities. May Allah bless everyone that attended and those that contribute generously towards the success of the programme and may their hearts be guided by Allah SWT in realising the greatness of Rasulullah SAW.

Datuk Dr Robiah K Hamzah

Ustazah Nurul Hidayah

Guest speakers and RALK organizing team

Ustazah Nurul Hidayah conveying her message to the audience

Imam Muda Amar- moderator

Tuan Johari Morad- RALK Chairman

Students from SMIGI