Sunday, 4 September 2016


Hajj pilgrimage is reminding us
The illustrative history of sacrifice
A truly sincere sacrifice
A pure sacrifice with great importance

For the sake of Allah, Prophet Ibrahim slaughtered his son
For the sake of Allah, Prophet Ismail gave up his life

The history also tells us
In relation to the sacrifice
For the sake of Allah, Siti Hajar accepted to be left alone
all out of obedience towards her husband

She lived in the Forbidden Land
while her husband visited her only once a year
In a valley with no cultivation
yet, she totally surrendered to Allah

When Prophet Ismail was borne,
she was again tested
Her nursing milk was all dried up

Siti Hajar went out searching for water
From one end of the valley to another
Running between Sofa and Marwah
For a few times

Ouch! her heart was beating anxiously
She had nothing to feed her baby with
But her faith remained steadfast towards Allah
She felt thoroughly assured

Surprisingly, during the search
Water sprang out of the earth
It was a blessing from the kicks
of her son's legs, the future Prophet

She collected the water feeling truly grateful
while reciting the words Zam-zam, Zam-zam

Hence the water named Zam-zam
which continues to exist till today
That was a Prophet's miracle from the blessed wife

Have we really learn?
The lessons from this story
To love Allah and upholding His religion
Sacrifice is a necessity

Obedience, patience and surrender
The attributes we need within us
Love for Allah
To be demonstrated through sacrifice