Saturday, 17 October 2015


 Children of Rumah Amal Limpahan Kasih with the generous donors. May Allah bless them.

Thursday, 8 October 2015


1. Allah exists. He is everywhere. But He is not there. He is to Whom we ask for anything that we wish to have.
2. Allah is Most Kind, He created the earth for us.
3. Do you have financial problems? Allah's Bank is able to solve everything for you.
4. The Master Most Wise is Allah. Learn from Him. You will be the wisest person among others.
5. Allah is The Most Specialist Doctor. With Him, there are all the cures for all illness. It is a real loss for those who do not seek treatment from Him.
6. Human beings always feel disappointed with love. As they misplaced their love. Do give the supreme love to Allah, you will not be disappointed ever.
7. The Most Loyal friend who is able to protect us all the time is actually Allah, our God.
8. You have marital problems at home? Do solve them with the path of fear and love for Allah.
9. Human beings will not stop fighting each other until they take Allah as their Leader.
10. Do not try to run away from Allah, you will face a misfortune. But do run towards Allah,  you will be blessed with happiness.
11.  When everybody have worldly love, there will be fights and disputes. But when everybody love Allah, there is no fights and no disputes.
12. If we wish to have everything, do have Allah, Allah is everything. Everything without Allah is meaningless.
13. Love for  Allah is true love, supreme love. Love for other beings are unworthy love.14. Whoever loves Allah will surely love human beings, only then they are able to work together.

Tuesday, 6 October 2015


It is alright for me to be despised by every human beings in the entire world
for as long as You do not despise me, O Allah
It is alright for me to lose all the love and care from all human beings
for as long as I do not lose any love from You
It is alright for me not to have anything
Having You, O Allah, means that I have everything
Without You, O Allah, I lose everything that I have
It is meaningless to have love from everyone in this world
and yet, I’m being despised by You, the Creator of all beings
Without You, O Allah, my entire life in this world and Hereafter will collapse
Whatever I have will not mean anything at all
It is liken to a speck of dust floating in the air
It is simply useless
This is the reason that it is very important for me to have You
It is for my world and my Hereafter
O Allah, please grant me a little of Your love and care
So that it will be useful for my life in this world
and my life in the Hereafter.