Tuesday, 19 January 2016



We when think of God's actions, we feel that they are strange
We do not know the meanings behind them
But we are certain, all His actions must have purpose and lessons intended
We are just unable to reveal His secrets
Let us have a look at some of His work
They truly are strange and unique

When Allah Taala is wrathful with someone
That person is compelled to be cruel to others
So that he becomes treacherous and sinful;
When God loves someone, that person is victimised by others
So he is rewarded in his hardship, his sins eradicated;
Thus, someone who seeks sustenance without God's blessing
Is gaining profit under God's wrath
But part of this sustenance is channelled to a person with taqwa
The person on the receiving end is rewarded, for he is grateful to Allah
Strange, isn't it, that the one who gives is punished, while the one who receives is rewarded

Now let us turn to another example:
When God is displeased with someone, the person is compelled to be abusive
But when God loves someone, that person is allowed to be abused
Why does God permit those He is displeased with to disturb others?
Whereas those He loves are left to be disturbed by others?

God works in ways that are strange to us
If we do not understand them, we would blame Him
God is the Almighty, He does not make mistakes